Bat Chandelier Project

During lockdown in France, I was fortunate to be able to work everyday. I decided to make 96 bats -without a mold- that will be hung as a chandelier. As you can see the process took time: sometimes I worked in pairs and sometime I placed the bats together to create small scenes. Yet placing them on the metal structure, (an old bottle drying device) gives them a new consolidated force.

Although some may think that the bats are linked to Covid-19, this was not my message or intent to communicate. Rather, my respect for bats goes far, as we can see them in history, literature and film. I also admire them for their tenacity: some bats can live as long as 40 years, which means they are very cleaver and adept at surviving.

2 “bad” bats
Bat pals
18 bats
Police lineup